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Please see below for information relating to our historical Fund distributions.

The below table provides information on our historical distributions. See here for a list of FAQs relating to fund distributions.

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Distributions - March 2019 PDF
Distributions - December 2018 PDF
Distributions - September 2018 PDF
Distributions - June 2018 PDF
Distributions - March 2018 PDF
Distributions - December 2017 PDF
Distributions - September 2017 PDF
Distributions - June 2017 PDF
Distributions - March 2017 PDF
Distributions - December 2016 PDF
Distributions - September 2016 PDF
Distributions - June 2016 PDF
Distributions - March 2016 PDF
Distributions - December 2015 PDF
Distributions - September 2015 PDF

The information provided on this page relates partly to the historical period where the responsible entity of each of the Funds, Yarra Funds Management Limited (formerly known as Goldman Sachs Australia Managed Funds Limited), was a wholly owned subsidiary of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. During that period, each of the Funds was managed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management Australia Pty Ltd. Yarra Capital Management was established in January 2017 following the successful completion of a management buyout of Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Australian-focused investment capabilities and operating platform, backed by TA Associates.