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Fixed Income and Multi-Asset

We offer fixed income and multi-asset products, aimed at meeting the needs of investors seeking regular stable income, diversification benefits and capital stability.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that although markets are competitive, they are not perfectly efficient. We believe that by applying a fundamental and research-driven investment approach within a defined risk management framework, we can exploit market inefficiencies and add value from active management of security selection and sector rotation.

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Fund Overview Yarra Australian Bond Fund Yarra Enhanced Income Fund Yarra Higher Income Fund Yarra Income Plus Fund
Summary A relative value approach seeking stable, positive returns no matter the conditions, by investing in a diversified portfolio of investment grade Australian fixed income assets A credit and income-focused approach that accesses a diversified portfolio of hybrid (debt/equity) and fixed income assets for higher-yielding investment opportunities A highly diversified multi-credit exposure, with a flexible investment approach which targets the best risk-adjusted opportunities at any one time, with dividends paid monthly A multi-income approach with a total return focus. Invests across cash, money market and domestic and international fixed interest products, with access to high-yielding investments such as global high yield, property and infrastructure
Benchmark/Comparative Index Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0 + YR Index RBA Cash Rate RBA Cash Rate Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index
Investment objective To outperform the Benchmark over any three-year rolling period, before fees, expenses and taxes, by investing in a diversified portfolio of investment grade Australian fixed income assets To earn higher returns than traditional cash management (over the medium-to-long term) through exposure to a diversified portfolio of hybrid (debt/equity) and fixed income securities. The Fund is expected to produce less volatile returns than are inherent in equity markets, while offering modest capital growth and some franking credits To earn higher returns than traditional fixed income investments (over the medium-to-long term) by investing in a highly diversified floating rate portfolio of predominantly Australian domiciled credit securities To provide regular income and to achieve medium term capital growth through exposure to cash, money market products, domestic fixed interest and a range of high yielding investments, including domestic hybrid investments, property, infrastructure and utilities securities and international fixed interest assets
Reasons to consider investing Diversification Benefits, Consistent Positive Returns, Proven Track Record Diversification Benefits, Focus on Income, Specialist Investment Management Expertise Defensive Approach, Floating Rate Approach, Specialist Investment Management Expertise Defensive Approach, High Income Focus, Growth & Inflation sensitivity
Distribution Frequency Quarterly Monthly Monthly Quarterly
Inception date July 2000 June 2003 October 2018 May 1998
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The Yarra Enhanced Income Fund (Direct) is closed to new investment. Refer here for more information.

All of the above funds are subject to a minimum investment of $10,000. There is no guarantee that these objectives will be met.

For institutional clients, we also offer a range of Insurance Strategies, a Cash Reserves Strategy, an LBO Strategy and an RMBS Strategy. Please contact a member of the Firm’s Client Team for further information.

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