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Yarra Emerging Leaders Fund

The Yarra Emerging Leaders Fund provides exposure to small and medium-sized ASX listed companies.

Discover small and mid-cap potential

The Yarra Emerging Leaders Fund offers investors exposure to small and medium sized companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Applying Yarra’s differentiated investment approach, the Fund seeks to unlock potential in the small and mid-cap universe. We aim to outperform the Emerging Leaders benchmark, which comprises 50% of the 50 Midcap Accumulation Index and 50% of the Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index, over rolling three-year periods.

The portfolio contains between 30 and 55 stocks listed on the Emerging Leaders benchmark, selected based on our fundamental, long-term and balanced investment approach.

A broader opportunity set

We believe having exposure to small and medium-sized ASX-listed companies offers superior liquidity and lower volatility and risk compared to a pure small cap investment approach.

Leveraging independent research

Our process of undertaking rigorous proprietary research is an invaluable advantage when focusing on the small to mid-sized end of the market, where we believe there is more hidden value to be captured.

A fundamental, long-term and balanced approach

Balance across investment styles and stock selection helps to deliver more consistent performance across market cycles. Our analysis avoids growth or value bias, uses multiple channels and focuses on opportunities across different time ranges.

Significant Investor Visa compliant

An investment in the Yarra Emerging Leaders Fund can be used as the ‘balancing investment’ component of a ‘complying significant investment’ for the purpose of applying for a significant investor visa¹.

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Investment objective

To achieve medium‑to‑long term capital growth through exposure to small and medium sized Australian companies that are considered to possess strong capital growth potential. In doing so, the aim is to outperform the benchmark over rolling three-year periods.


comprising 50% of the S&P/ASX Midcap 50 Accumulation Index and 50% of the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index

Typical number of stocks

30 - 55

Recommended investment timeframe

Long-term 5-7+ years

Inception date

September 1997

Gross returns as at 30 June 2021

1 Mth
3 Mths
1 Yr
3 Yrs
% p.a.
5 Yrs
% p.a.
10 Yrs
% p.a.
% p.a.
Yarra Emerging Leaders Fund* 3.57 6.58 29.15 11.00 9.71 12.36 11.71
Emerging Leaders Combined Benchmark 3.37 9.33 34.50 10.46 12.60 8.88 7.74
Excess Return* 0.20 -2.75 -5.35 0.54 -2.89 3.48 3.96

* The returns shown are gross of all fees, meaning they do not reflect the deduction of any investment management fees which would reduce returns and assume reinvestment of distribution. Excess Return is the difference between the Fund’s gross return and its benchmark. Investment in the fund is not available on a fee free basis and this should be factored into any analysis of past performance. For information on returns which take into account fees and expenses (net returns), please refer to the Fund’s monthly and quarterly investment commentaries (which can be found here). Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. 

Investment Insights

Latest monthly commentary – May 2021
Latest quarterly commentary – June 2021

Fund Facts

Open To New Investors: Yes
ARSN: 090 046 567
Initial Minimum: 50,000.00AUD
Distribution Frequency: Semi-Annually
Management cost (ICR) (p.a.): 1.25%
Buy/sell spread: +/- 0.20%
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¹ There are a number of specific requirements that must be met before an applicant for a significant investor visa will be considered to have made a ‘complying significant investment’, including total investment amount, investment into venture capital funds and emerging companies investments and length of investment. There are also a number of other requirements that an applicant must meet before he/she will be eligible to apply for a significant investor visa. Yarra Funds Management Limited’s (‘YFM’)  above view is based on the Migration (IMMI 15/100: Complying Investments) Instrument 2015  and the Migration Regulations 1994 in effect as of 31 March 2017. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s policy on migration may change in the future. YFM does not make any representations nor does it guarantee that an investor will be a successful significant investor visa applicant.