Fixed Income and Multi-Asset

Yarra Higher Income Fund

The Yarra Higher Income Fund (formerly the Yarra Absolute Credit Fund) seeks to earn higher returns than traditional fixed income investments, with regular and stable income.


The Fund offers investors access to typically 30 – 50 Australian domiciled securities and can provide diversification to traditional asset classes.

The Fund’s large investment universe enables the construction of a highly diversified portfolio, with its underlying investments spanning: corporate bonds (investment grade and high yield), syndicated loans, mortgage and asset-backed securities, covered bonds, hybrid securities, cash and cash equivalents.

Regular, stable income

Distributions are paid monthly and can either be reinvested in additional units in the Fund or can be paid by direct credit to a nominated bank or financial institution account.

A flexible, actively managed portfolio

The Fund holds a multi-sector credit portfolio, with the aim to meaningfully shift exposure wherever, in our view, the best risk-adjusted opportunities can be found.

The Fund blends higher risk-adjusted returns across both liquid and less liquid segments, with a strong home bias, predominantly in the Australian credit market, hedged back to generate an Australian dollar floating rate portfolio.

In general, the Fund aims to have an average Investment Grade Rating.

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Investment objective
To earn higher returns than traditional fixed income investments (over the medium-to-long term) by investing in a highly diversified floating rate portfolio of predominantly Australian domiciled credit securities
Potential for capital growth
Low / Medium
Recommended investment timeframe
3 years or more
Inception date
October 2018

Gross returns as at 30 April 2022

1 Mth
3 Mths
6 Mths
1 Yr
2 Yrs
% p.a.
% p.a.
Yarra Higher Income Fund* -0.34 -0.55 -0.01 1.99 5.40 3.36
RBA Cash Rate Index 0.01 0.02 0.05 0.10 0.14 0.54
Excess Return* -0.34 -0.58 -0.06 1.89 5.26 2.82

* The returns shown are gross of all fees, meaning they do not reflect the deduction of any investment management fees which would reduce returns and assume reinvestment of distribution. Excess Return is the difference between the Fund’s gross return and its benchmark, not including franking. Investment in the fund is not available on a fee free basis and this should be factored into any analysis of past performance. For information on returns which take into account fees and expenses (net returns), please refer to the Fund’s monthly and quarterly investment commentaries (which can be found here). Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Note: Effective 15 March 2022, the name of this Fund was changed from the Yarra Absolute Credit Fund to the Yarra Higher Income Fund. While this decision followed a review of the Fund’s positioning within the Australian market, there has been no change to the Fund’s investment strategy or management costs. Refer here for further information.

Investment Insights

Latest monthly commentary – April 2022
Latest quarterly commentary – March 2022

Fund Facts

Open to new investors: Yes
ARSN: 628 168 061
APIR Code: JBW4379AU
Distribution Frequency: Monthly
Minimum investment: 10,000.00AUD
Unit pricing: Daily
Buy/sell spread: +/- 0.10%
Management cost (ICR) ( p.a.): 0.65%
Fund ratings: Contact a member of the Firm’s Client Team to discuss ratings in further detail
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Institutional investors wanting further information on the Yarra Higher Income Strategy should contact a member of the Firm’s Client Team.