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We are a leading, independent active Australian fund manager. We offer our clients access to a range of actively managed fundamental equities, fixed income and multi-asset capabilities.

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Benchmark/Comparative Index


Yarra Australian Equities Broadcap Strategy

A core Australian large cap Australian equities exposure

S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index

Yarra Australian Real Assets Securities Strategy

A listed real assets exposure to provide a high level of distribution and earnings certainty and inflation protection across a large investment universe

S&P/ASX 300 Custom Infrastructure, Utilities and A-REITs Accumulation Index

Yarra Australian Smaller Companies Equity Strategy

A small cap strategy providing exposure to small and medium sized Australian companies that are considered to possess strong capital growth potential

S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index

Yarra Emerging Leaders Strategy

A small and mid-cap Australian equities exposure with strong capital growth potential and superior liquidity

50% the Midcap 50 Accumulation Index and 50% the Small ordinaries Accumulation Index

Yarra Ex-20 Australian Equities Strategy

A focused Ex-20 exposure providing access to a diverse, balanced investment universe with lower stock and sector concentration

S&P/ASX 300 ex S&P/ASX 20 Accumulation Index

Fixed Income and Multi-Asset

Yarra Absolute Credit Strategy

A multi-sector credit portfolio which seeks to meaningfully shift exposure wherever, in our view, the best risk-adjusted opportunities can be found

RBA Cash Rate

Yarra Enhanced Income Strategy

A credit and income-focused approach that accesses a diversified portfolio of hybrid (debt/equity) and fixed income assets for higher-yielding investment opportunities

RBA Cash Rate

Yarra Income Plus Strategy

A multi-asset approach to fixed income, investing with a total return focus. Invests across cash, money market, and domestic and international fixed interest products, with access to high-yielding investments such as global high yield, property and infrastructure

Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index

Funds for the above strategies are subject to minimum investment requirements. There is no guarantee that these objectives will be met.

For institutional clients, we also offer access to the Yarra Tax Advantaged Investor Australian Equities Strategy and the Yarra A$ Cash Reserves Strategy. Please contact us for further information.