Fixed Income and Multi-Asset

Yarra Enhanced Income Fund

The Yarra Enhanced Income Fund seeks to deliver higher returns to investors than traditional cash management and fixed income investments.


The Fund offers investors access to typically 40 – 50 securities and can provide diversification to traditional asset classes.

Regular, stable income

Income distributions are paid quarterly and may be partially franked. Some securities held by the Fund may have tax-deferred features so that part of the distributions paid by the Fund may be tax-deferred.

Active management

The underlying investments are actively managed to achieve optimal risk/reward outcomes of the Fund.

On average, assets within the Fund have an Investment Grade Rating.

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Investment objective

To earn higher returns than traditional cash management and fixed income investments (over the medium-to-long term) through exposure to a diversified portfolio of hybrid (debt/equity) and fixed income securities. The Fund is expected to produce less volatile returns than are inherent in equity markets, while offering modest capital growth and some franking credits.

Potential for capital growth

Low / Medium

Recommended investment timeframe

Medium term 3-5 years

Inception date

June 2003

Total returns as at 31 October 2018

1 Mth
3 Mths
1 Yr
3 Yrs
% p.a.
5 Yrs
% p.a.
10 Yrs
% p.a.
% p.a.
Yarra Enhanced Income Fund -0.22 1.56 5.02 6.32 5.54 8.08 5.72
Yarra Enhanced Income Fund (incl. franking) -0.22 1.75 5.71 6.94 6.08 8.74 6.48
RBA Cash Rate Index 0.12 0.37 1.50 1.60 1.90 2.86 3.88
Excess Return* -0.34 1.19 3.52 4.72 3.64 5.22 1.84

* Excess Return is the difference between the Fund’s return and its benchmark. The returns shown are prepared on an exit-to-exit basis (i.e. they include all ongoing fees and expenses and assume reinvestment of distributions). They do not take personal taxation into account.

Investment Insights

Latest monthly commentary
Latest quarterly commentary

Fund Facts

Open to new investors: Yes
ARSN: 104 463 336
APIR Code: JBW0018AU
Distribution Frequency: Quarterly
Minimum investment: 50,000.00AUD
Unit pricing: Daily
Buy / sell spread: +/- 0.10%
Management cost (ICR) ( p.a.): 0.78%

Further Information

Product Disclosure Statement and Application for Investment Form (for initial investments)
Product Disclosure Statement and Additional Investment Form (for additional investments)
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