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Daily Data Feed: Sep 25, 2023

Fund Name Date Fund Size (A$m) Price Entry Price Exit Excel Sheet
Yarra Australian Bond Fund 22-09-2023 224.595 0.9312 0.9302 download
Yarra Australian Equities Fund 22-09-2023 108.596 1.1888 1.1852 download
Yarra Australian Equities Fund (Direct) * 22-09-2023 4.48 0.8521 download
Yarra Australian Real Assets Securities Fund 22-09-2023 16.259 0.6205 0.6187 download
Yarra Emerging Leaders Fund 22-09-2023 86.201 2.1716 2.1630 download
Yarra Emerging Leaders Fund (Direct) * 22-09-2023 95.48 4.6078 download
Yarra Enhanced Income Fund 22-09-2023 583.394 0.9782 0.9762 download
Yarra Enhanced Income Fund (Direct) * 22-09-2023 6.153 0.9781 download
Yarra Ex-20 Australian Equities Fund 22-09-2023 11.413 0.7675 0.7653 download
Yarra Global Share Fund 22-09-2023 278.854 3.3479 3.3379 download
Yarra Global Small Companies Fund 22-09-2023 123.92 3.3351 3.3285 download
Yarra Growth Fund 22-09-2023 69.968 13.5221 13.4815 download
Yarra Higher Income Fund 22-09-2023 51.632 0.9494 0.9476 download
Yarra Income Plus Fund 22-09-2023 77.982 1.1517 1.1493 download
Yarra Investment Fund * 22-09-2023 6.883 1.4803 download
Yarra Leaders Fund * 22-09-2023 44.138 1.1794 download
Yarra Market Neutral Fund 15-08-2023 5.597 0.9519 0.9472 download
Yarra Private Capital Discovery Fund ** 30-06-2023 1.0089 1.0089 download
ARK Global Disruptive Innovation Fund 22-09-2023 54.801 0.8881 0.8845 download
Yarra Australian Bond Fund 16-09-2021 249.619 1.0477 1.0467 download
Yarra Balanced Fund 16-09-2021 10.025 11.2476 11.2207
Yarra Conservative Fund 16-09-2021 16.183 10.2088 10.1884
Yarra Growth Fund 16-09-2021 84.151 14.8487 14.8042 download
Nikko AM ARK Global Disruptive Innovation Fund 16-09-2021 262.891 2.3184 2.3069 download
Nikko AM Global Share Fund 16-09-2021 196.051 3.5493 3.5351 download
Nikko AM New Asia Fund 16-09-2021 20.688 2.3605 2.3487 download

* These funds are no longer available for new investment
** This fund is closed to new investments. The prices are reflective of Net Asset Value

For information relating to asset allocation, please refer to the latest fund commentaries which can be found here

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