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Time to revisit small caps

September 16, 2017
Time to revisit small caps

Katie Hudson is head of Australian equities research at fund manager Yarra Capital. Starting her career as an accountant, she was a portfolio manager at Goldman Sachs before taking the leap to join a management buyout team alongside Dion Hershan in late 2016.

You’re one of the few female heads of equities research in the country. Does more need to be done to improve diversity?

I’ve been in funds management for 20 years and I haven’t seen much improvement (laughs). I’m still often the only woman in a room when I’m at lunch with a company. It’s ironic when we’re trying to promote diversity in the companies we invest in. Around 40 per cent of our organisation is women and that’s because we’ve had a strong foundation since we started. We also really have to push diversity in other areas like expertise and life experience.

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