The Rate Debate – Ep19

August 4, 2021
The Rate Debate – Ep19

What do you get when you throw a 32-year-fixed-income veteran into the room with a 32-year-old fixed income millennial? The Rate Debate.

Darren Langer and Chris Rands are seasoned fixed income specialists with a deep passion for bond markets and an opinion on just about everything. And while they may sit facing each other at work, they don’t always see eye-to-eye.

Tune-in each month to hear their take on the RBA’s interest rate decision and other macro matters that are influencing markets.

Episode 19: Tuesday 3rd August 2021

RBA sees Delta impact as a temporary phenomenon

The RBA continues to be optimistic despite the current state lockdowns, forecasting the economy to bounce back quickly once the virus is contained. Is the RBA taking a gamble on their positive outlook given the uncertainties in the market right now? Tune in to hear Darren Langer and Chris Rands debate their views in episode 19 of The Rate Debate.