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Introducing The Yarra Exchange

February 3, 2020
Introducing The Yarra Exchange

We are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, The Yarra Exchange.

Hosted by award winning journalist Malcolm Maiden, The Yarra Exchange is a long-form conversation which aims to give listeners access to insights from experts drawn from both inside and outside of Yarra Capital Management.

Importantly, the series won’t just be reacting to what’s happening in the markets or providing a view on what’s likely to come. Instead, the Exchange will tell you how the people who steer Yarra Capital Management see the world they invest in, and introduce you to people outside of Yarra that the team rates highly, as business leaders, managers and thinkers.

You can listen and subscribe using your preferred podcasting app below. The trailer provides more detail on both the background to the podcast and Mal Maiden’s experience.

Episode one, which is now available for download, features Tim Toohey, Head of Macro and Strategy at Yarra Capital Management. The episode, entitled “What themes will dominate markets in 2020?”, covers Tim’s role at Yarra, his outlook for global markets (including touching on the 2020 US election), his take on the Financial Crisis (and the work of central banks to try and reverse it), and his view on the bushfire impact.

We hope you enjoy listening to The Yarra Exchange.

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