How to avoid portfolio bombs

August 6, 2021
How to avoid portfolio bombs

Katie Hudson, Portfolio Manager and Head of Australian Equities Research, sits down with Patrick Poke for Livewire’s The Rules of Investing podcast.

During the discussion, Katie shares some strategies for avoiding portfolio bombs. She also tells Patrick how she exploits inefficiencies in the markets to produce outsized returns and shares an Aussie small-cap that she believes markets are underestimating.

Timestamps and discussion points:

  • 6:15 – The origins of Yarra Capital Management and the firm’s core strategy.
  • 11:30 – The importance of cash flow.
  • 13:13 – How to avoid big portfolio bombs, especially in small companies.
  • 17:04 – What is an over-earner?
  • 19:07 – How has the COVID-19 cycle shifted?
  • 22:08 – Opportunities in tech small caps from a valuation conscious perspective.
  • 26:51 – An investment thesis on Nanosonics.
  • 28:56 – Katie answers Livewire’s three favourite questions.