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Ian Macfarlane AC joins The Yarra Exchange

May 6, 2022
Ian Macfarlane AC joins The Yarra Exchange

The latest instalment of The Yarra Exchange podcast, hosted by award winning journalist Mal Maiden, is now available!

In episode 7, recorded in the hours before the RBA increased interest rates for the first time in more than 11 years, Mal catches up with distinguished Australian economist, former RBA Governor, public company director and published author Ian Macfarlane AC.

Mal and Ian discuss:

  • The imperfect science that is central banking;
  • The outlook for rates and inflation and the challenge to withdraw the easiest monetary policy in recorded history;
  • Wealth inequality, a BIG Australian issue;
  • MMT: Neither Modern, Monetary nor a Theory; and
  • George Ernest Morrison, one Remarkable Australian.

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We hope you enjoy listening to The Yarra Exchange !

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