Equity Mates podcast: Avoiding the Mundane 7

May 16, 2024
Equity Mates podcast: Avoiding the Mundane 7

Dion Hershan, Head of Australian Equities, joins Alec Renehan and Bryce Leske, hosts of the Equity Mates Investing podcast, to talk through The Mundane 7.

During the discussion, Dion and the Equity Mates team unpick the merits of avoiding the Mundane 7 – comprising Australia’s big four banks and three largest miners – and look at where Dion thinks the biggest growth opportunities in the Aussie share market currently reside: the ASX 200 outside the biggest 20 companies.

In this episode we also dive deep on two companies that Dion thinks exemplify the opportunities outside the Mundane 7 today.

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