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Yarra launches Market Neutral capability

June 2, 2022
Yarra launches Market Neutral capability

Leading Independent Australian fund manager Yarra Capital Management (Yarra) has today announced the launch of a new Market Neutral Australian Equities capability after agreeing terms to assume the management of Karara Capital’s existing product, the Karara Market Neutral Plus Fund.

Yarra is delighted that highly experienced Portfolio Manager, Andrew Smith, who has run the strategy since its inception in August 2016, has joined Yarra. The fund has now been rebranded to the Yarra Market Neutral Fund (the Fund) (APIR: PER2486AU).

Under Andrew’s management, the Market Neutral Fund has an outstanding track record, having delivered its investors returns after fees of 9.93% p.a. since inception, equating to net outperformance of 9.02% compared to its RBA Cash Rate benchmark[1].

There is no change to the Fund’s Portfolio Manager, investment philosophy, process, fees or its investment objectives, and Yarra is pleased to confirm the following additional enhancements:

  • The Fund is now a registered management investment scheme that is open to all wholesale and retail Australian investors.
  • The Fund’s minimum investment has been reduced to $10,000 (previously $250,000), and its minimum additional investment amount has been reduced to $1,000 (previously $25,000).
  • The Fund now offers investors daily applications and redemptions (previously monthly).

Edward Eason, Managing Director, Yarra Capital Management, commented:

“We are thrilled to welcome Andrew Smith to Yarra and confirm the launch of the Yarra Market Neutral Fund. Andrew is an accomplished investor with an outstanding track record, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him.

“We are similarly delighted to welcome new clients through the existing fund structure and are pleased to confirm no changes to the Fund’s investment philosophy, process, fees or its investment objectives.

“This announcement also marks another important milestone for Yarra’s growth ambitions. The Firm continues to add quality and breadth both to its investment capability and team, which now comprises approximately 85 people including investment personnel of 40 professionals with an average 19 years’ industry experience.”



[1] Performance as at 30 April 2022.